Moving to or from Houston?

Relocating? Whether you are moving to or from the Houston area, we can help. Our Relocation Division matches you with the perfect agent according to your home selling or home finding preferences. How can we help?


Corporate Relocation Services

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene specializes in the relocation of buyers and sellers nationally and internationally and is a principal broker in Realogy Advantage, the industry leader in global mobility. 


Celebrating 60 Years

Celebrating 60 years in the real estate business in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area, Gary Greene was one of the first local real estate companies to embrace the servicing of mobility clients. Our relocation history is tied to some of the first relocation providers like Homequity, Argonaut and Cendant.

Gary Greene has remained true to its core service principles providing the home buying and selling expertise that is required when working with the intricacies of a cross state, country, continent or ocean move


Relocating Your Employees

Recognizing that some companies have “one time”, occasional or small group employee relocation needs, we have developed a system for providing full corporate relocation services on a smaller scale. Your employees will work with Relocation Certified Specialists when selling, buying or leasing. Our teams cover the Greater Houston market area, are trained and skilled in the nuances of moving the corporate employee and working in the Domestic and International arenas. Let us evaluate your company’s unique employee relocation needs and design a program that fits.

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