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Aadil Murad
632% Increase in Business

“When I first started, you couldn’t tell that I was maybe 2 to 3 months in the business because the materials made me look like a superstar. When you come to this company, you have a marketing department that, it doesn’t matter if you’ve done one deal or two deals –  they’re going to make you look like you’ve done 100 deals and that’s what’s powerful.”

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The Lauren Ashley Team

412% Increase in Business

“Gary Greene is the only brokerage that I have been with my entire real estate career. The moment I interviewed them I immediately felt a connection. Culture has always been a vibe for me and in my interview, I really connected and felt like it was family and that was important to me.” 

Beth Eaton
83% Increase in Business

“Through the road to the top accountability program we were divided up into groups and they were amazing –  there were five or six people in each group and we weren’t the same experience level or in the same part of town. One week somebody might have shared something that worked for them that we have never tried before.  I’ve been in business for a long time and you can get in a rut where you don’t venture outside of what has been successful to to you until someone else says, ‘Hey why don’t you try this and why don’t you go there?’  I have really enjoyed it. It’s helped me get out of my comfort zone and into the next level.”

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Matt Clark

160% Increase in Business

“It took an incredible amount of work, but all of the things that are in place at Gary Greene give you the opportunities to succeed if you’ll just put in the effort. There will be a lot of discouragement and a lot of disappointments, but there also are a lot of opportunities to grow and succeed.  I mean, look at what happened to me in less than three years, far beyond what I ever expected to accomplish in real estate.”

Wanda Baptista
101% Increase in Business

“The coaching the company brings to me is invaluable. One of the top coaching companies has trained the individuals in our offices. So I don’t have the expense or the cost incurred for having one of the top coaches but I get all of the benefits because it’s provided to me in house.”

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Sally Beck

94% Increase in Business

“I will have been with Gary Greene 20 years and I’ve loved every minute of it and wouldn’t consider going any place else.  It’s the local leadership, the local ownership, the atmosphere of collaboration and support within the office, all the wonderful marketing tools – there’s everything we need to be successful. It’s very agent focused and I really appreciate that…I’m here for 20 more years.”

The Bain Group
160% Increase in Business

“Things have become much easier with Gary Greene because of these systems. Now we are able to maintain our business and reap the rewards of all the groundwork that we did and it’s flawless and seamless system. Coaching allowed us to get these systems in place and implemented. Now when we add people to our team it’s super seamless. They don’t need our attention 100% of the time. They are able to reference back to our systems and guidelines. A two-month agent on our team is seamless almost like they’ve been doing it for five years – which is phenomenal.”

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Kirsten Abney

95% Increase in Business

“The marketing department supports my business in every single aspect – from marketing to past clients to how I market my listings. It’s literally integrated into every single part of my personal marketing.”

The Jockers Team
182% Increase in Business

“The marketing department really assists us in the execution of our farming. We run a very robust farming system with many different assets, and we use the marketing department for all of it. They support us with everything from just listed postcards, to personal events, to newsletter ads, to billboards, to community events and they really customize our pieces so when people see us they know it’s us and they’ve elevated our brand.” 

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Rose Boynton

240% Increase in Business

“Roadmap is how I keep track of all my business. When I’m looking at my pipeline in Roadmap and there is no pipeline, I get a little nervous and that lights a fire in me. It helps me understand what I need to be doing next, who I need to reach out to and how many calls I need to make.”

Kelly Griffin
Rookie of the Year

 “The one-on-one coaching in my office, hands down, is probably the most precious thing to me in terms of growing my business and getting ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Gary Greene. Those one-on-one meetings are so vital for my success as a new agent. I was able to lean on that support system and grow – it’s literally my number one asset.”

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Lucia Clark

154% Increase in Business

“An important thing I’m leaning on is coaching corner. It’s a morning zoom call where we get a topic each week. It’s always helpful and always something I can implement immediately. I have implemented something within 48 hours of coaching corner and I’ve had a transaction based on what I heard because I tried it and it worked.”

Jennifer Wauhob
296% Increase in Business

“I was a solo agent for about 7 years when I first joined Gary Greene and since then, we’ve grown to a team of 12 now and Gary Greene has been so supportive of that transition. One of the things I find most valuable is we get to mastermind with other team leaders within the company and being with a company and a brokerage that shares and supports each other has been really beneficial. Just even having the office space for our team is nice – I think Gary Greene does a great job of supporting its teams.”

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The Santiago Team

114% Increase in Business

“The marketing department has supported us immensely. They accelerated our listing presentation out of the stratosphere and leveled us up 100% in our game when it came to listing presentations and personal marketing. 100% helped a lot with branding too, creating that custom branding we’ve been using in all of our marketing and that consistency has helped a lot. Nobody can touch it – our marketing, our branding…nobody can compete with it, and that’s the way we like it.”  

Amy Wallner
79% Increase in Business

“Roadmap is Gary Greene’s proprietary business tool. I love the production summary; I use it every day…sometimes twice a day. What you focus on expands – so when I can see my goal, in a number, visible to me, it really makes me want to do more. I am watching my upcoming business and it’s helping me convert those leads into active listings and active buyers…which results in money.”

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Cherylè Sanderson

62% Increase in Business

“The coaching support is unmatched. I’m always reminded ‘This is where you are, and this is where you need to be. You need to be here in 90 days and you need to be here in 90 days.’ It works for me to have that out in front of me.  It gives me goals and I usually reach them because of it.”

The Pitts Team
$7,626,430 First Year in Business

“We’ve participated in the Road to the Top program for three years. The collaboration and the relationships with the other agents – we’ve been able to problem solve different situations and support each other. It’s been a great way to continue to build more relationships within the company.” 

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Sara Nguyen

120% Increase in Business

“Our marketing department is fabulous in terms of helping each agent, including myself, convey our personal brand out to the market. They help us bring ourselves to our clients, which is hugely important in today’s atmosphere because each of us brings something different. I feel like our marketing department is the best at helping us do that, day in and day out.” 

Sonia Allison
245% Increase in Business

“I honestly wouldn’t be where I am without the coaching from Gary Greene. The coaching program with Gary Greene completely changed my business. I needed that little extra push, helping me realize what I needed to do in order to grow my business. It  honestly helped me double my business in a year with the coaching that I’ve received from Gary Greene.”

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Rodolfo Solis

Rookie of the Years

“As a new agent, I knew I needed a lot of support and Gary Greene provided training over training over training. You can never get enough training in this business – you learn something new every day and every transaction is different. Their solutions to your questions and this office support are what got me here and that’s what’s going to keep me here.” 

Melesa Hudson
712% Increase in Business

The marketing department is awesome. They help me with branding and photos, they stepped up my level of presence with my clients. I’ve had people commenting and giving me feedback after they helped me saying, I see you everywhere. It’s really helped.”

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Heather Warson

130% Increase in Business

“With the support from Gary Greene I really hit the ground running. You didn’t have to go through this intense training program. Within a few days, you had one-on-one coaching support, and you were out in the field making money.”

Diana Hu
60% Increase in Business

“Everybody’s very willing to share – I guess I’ve learned through the years, there is plenty of business to go around. Even if I share my secrets, that doesn’t mean someone is going to copy me 100% and even if they do…that’s great, because it will help them grow their business. So, that’s the biggest thing I like about Gary Greene, because we get to know each other, and we get to help each other. It’s not just ‘this is mine and you can’t have it’ and, to me, that’s great.”

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Velvet Harris

45% Increase in Business

“It’s important to me to have noncompeting managers. You’re looking for support from your managers, and you’re looking for assistance when you need it. You don’t want to have to think that you’re competing for business with your manager, what you are really looking for is support, coaching, and guidance.”

Emily Wilcox
105% Increase in Business

“Roadmap has been a great planning tool for us. Especially when we are in crazy times where you have so many clients, you want to know where your money’s coming from and what different things are happening. Roadmap is a great way to say OK – this is how much money I made last year, this is how much money I want to make this year, and this is how I get there.”

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Mary Elam

549% Increase in Business

“I attended a Coaching Corner and system review of open houses. Her training allowed me to know what questions I could ask that weren’t confrontational or sales-y and it made all the difference in the world. My first open house, I got my first buyer and we closed two months later. So I had my first sale, 2.5 months after starting and it was because of coaching corner, the systems, and the training.”

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