Proprietary technology to
grow your business.

In an industry saturated with tools, Gary Greene stands out by uniting marketing, resources, and technology in an unparalleled way. Our integrated ecosystem isn’t just about launching new technologies or marketing strategies in isolation. We’ve seamlessly integrated proprietary technology to provide you with the support you need to grow your business. We’ve filled a void that no one else has – a space where marketing, tools, technology, coaching, and systems intersect seamlessly to foster thriving and predictable businesses.

At Gary Greene, technology isn’t a buzzword – it’s our steadfast commitment. We lead the way in technology offerings, but our dedication goes beyond that. We believe in providing a proprietary tech stack with a singular focus: to simplify execution and foster business growth.



With a seamlessly intuitive interface, Roadmap becomes your strategic ally, empowering you to not only set income and activity goals but also to architect robust lead generation systems, expertly manage expenses, and meticulously oversee every facet of your business – from closed deals to ongoing transactions, and crucially, the pipeline of upcoming opportunities. By proactively tracking pipeline and optimizing lead follow-up, our agents experience a significant boost in conversion rates, leading to enhanced success in the field.

IMPACT, powered by kvCORE

Our customized digital CRM platform Impact integrates contact management, marketing resources, web presence, social media integration, and automatic listing promotions. Impact’s AI-driven lead validation, scoring, and automated campaigns ensure your tools are always working behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best. With real-time IDX home search, community pages, and social media marketing, Impact elevates your online presence.

Learning Portal

Our Learning Portal is your virtual university, offering on-demand  comprehensive, in-depth analysis of real estate systems. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced agent, the Learning Portal is a wealth of knowledge – providing valuable documentation, marketing assets, effective dialogue, and easily executed action items. Our agents have found tremendous success by watching and leveraging our Learning Portal, whether it’s mastering open house strategies, perfecting listing presentations, or fine-tuning lead generation systems.


Stay connected, informed, and engaged with GNet, our exclusive company intranet. Through our mobile application, you’re always in the loop with real-time alerts on company announcements, training opportunities, and potential buyer and seller matches. Leverage the strength of the Gary Greene network with pre-MLS exclusives and buyer needs. Sync events, access resources, and collaborate seamlessly through our company and office calendar. With real-time alerts and agent forums on the go, GNet ensures you’re always kept informed.

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